Ricco Kurniawan: I won Ultimate Battle with Blue Vegeta

Ricco Kurniawan is from Indonesia, recently he won the Ultimate Battle (32 players) with his blue Vegeta deck.

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Deck Profile

Key cards:

1. Mai
2. Goten ss child
3. Trunks cost 3 bouncer.
4. Final hope slash


-Mai and bouncers are the main plan on this deck to distract opponent's tempo.

-Draw and bounce opponent's unit.

-Awakening our leader as soon as possible, so you got big body on your leader, and possible to hit 35k atk easily.

-Get the combo Pillaf Pillaf , so your leader can easily hit 100k power for last blow.

-Keep life on 3 as long as possible, at late game you can pick 2 life with Mai, and you got more combos to finish the game.

Game Plan

Like everyone I prefer to go second. So if I go second:

T1: Cast Mai take 2 life or Trunks Youth for draw. Opp turn = take damage.

T2: Cast Goten/ Trunks: Youth take life. Leader Awakened = big body 20k leader early, so cannot easily beaten by critical leader. If you can't awakened this turn, cast Mai and final hope slash, draw 1 from Mai, power to Mai and hit 25k to opponent leader.

T3: Cast Trunks cost 3 is the best option for this turn. Slowing down opponent tempo, they must cast battle unit (again) or no actual treat on board.

T4: If you go second, then you got energy marker, use it and cast Vegeta 5-cost to punish cost-4 or below opponent's battle unit to bottom deck. If you go 1st, the you have only 4 energy, the best option cast Gohan beater 35k and Trunks for drawing or hold 1 energy for cast Gallick Gun to protect Gohan beater.

T5: Cast Vegeta 5c to bottom opponent's unit. Or Cast gotenks to refilll shield on hand and hold 1 energy for cast Gallick Gun

Late game: If opponent's life only 1 left, just threw all your combo. Play pillaf to pillaf to final hope slash (cost 1 earthling) Hit more than 100k power to opponent's leader.

If opponent's life is 2. Share 2 big atk. First blow 20k lower than last blow (just in case their life is super combo).

If I have to go first:

T1: Cast Trunks Youth for drawing.

T2: Life at 7 Cast Mai take 2 life + final hope slash -> power to Trunks Youth. Bounce opponent's unit, and draw. Trunks atk 25k

T3: Life 5 or 4 If Mai still stay on field, play Son Goten to take life (if life still 5, do it) then bounce again and draw.

Awekening leader and then play Trunks Youth or keep active energy for Gallick gun. Guard with 10k Trunks and Goten, next turn if you have Gotenks on your hand, cast it and refill your hand. Keep your life on 3.

T4: Cast Gotenks, or Trunks 3c to bounce opponent's unit. Push opponent's life to 3 or 2. Because next will be lethal, if Vegeta 5c is in your hand.

T5: Cast Vegeta 5c to bottoming opponent's unit, and reduce your opponent's hand with double strike (they must guard it).

T6: Final turn Charge your 0 power combo to energy. If Vegeta 5c still survive, all power push to Vegeta

6 energies:

1 pillaf to pillaf

1 pillaf to final hope slash

1 Mai take 2 life

3 Gallick/final hope slash

About Me

Name : Tan Ricco Kurniawan

Nationality = Indonesia

Team : Tapu Brothers Indonesia

I play tcg since 10 year olds. Battling TCG arround the world proffesionally. I play MTG , VG, OP , DB. Now I only play MTG, OP, and DB big event, just like Flagship, Ultimate Battle, BCF, and Championship Series.

Also have many LGS in Indonesia. Vanguard Clinic Store LGS Channel. VGC Headquarter Surabaya VGC 3Frogs Surabaya VGC Malang VGC Tarakan VGC Bali (on plan) VGC Samarinda (on plan)

My passion is share the spirit of TCG all over the world. You can be a pro player TCG, if you always practice and have a good teammate. So, i open many LGS in Indonesia to share that spirit, and support many players, so they can be a pro player and compete with pro player all around the world.

Also i open many teaching class or pro class in Surabaya to share my knowledge to many players. Helping others to solve their problem about tcg is my priority.

Player from another town / country can contact me and learn by online.

Contact me: FB = Ricco Kurniawan

X = Ricco Kurniawan

Whatsapp = 0821-3255-5672

Kashy from the UK: Blue Vegeta How to Guide

Hey Everyone, I'm Kashy from the UK, quick TLDR on my card game life is I've played all CCGS under the sun and for TCGs, I have played competitively Dragonball Masters, Flesh and Blood, One Piece and when tournaments pop up Fusion world will be added to that list.

Having some experience in Masters and playing One Piece, I was able to fall into the feel of Fusion World quite quickly and the gameplay did not disappoint, I play blue in the games I listed before so  I started on blue in this game as well and the deck did not disappoint, so let us get into it.

Why Blue Vegeta?

This leader is the most versatile in how you can build it, but it also just produces the biggest draw numbers, this is important because one of Blues' strengths is that it produces very high numbers for the energy investment required and it is how you gain advantages compared to the other colours, when you've awakened your leader requires 20k counter, this is usually a super combo or damage taken. This number also works as a pseudo-finisher because its baseline is so high that attacks from this are the same numbers as attacking with a unit that equals 5 energy to play.

The deck we have built is known as a midrange deck, if you're unfamiliar with this term, this is the definition:  A typical midrange deck has an early game plan of mana ramp and control, but begins to play threats once it reaches four to six mana. A midrange deck will often seek to play a reactive, attrition-based game against aggro decks and a more proactive, tempo-based game against control decks.

So in the context of Fusion World what are our aggro decks and what are our control decks and how should we be playing vs those?

Aggro – All red leaders, Ginyu/Cooler

Mid Range – All blue decks, Android 17

Control – Broly/Son Gohan: A, Frieza

The blue decks will fall into aggro or midrange based on the build, the same rules can apply to the other colours but will be focusing more on other colours as when you understand your deck more, you also grow your ability to understand other blue decks.

An important point before we move on is flexibility and versatility are crucial for playing blue, the colour allows you to play very fluid and apply new gameplans every game regarding the context of your hand and board states, being able to pivot between lines and plays are what will allow you to be successful, so when looking at the advice coming up remember not to follow it the same every game, just use it as a foundation for your knowledge and growth. 

Reminder that most of the 7 or less cards in hand can be played when you have 8 because the 8th card enters the board and then the card reads the hand as 7, useful for galik gun pilaf etc.

Game Plan

So what are our core cards for each of our gameplans? 

Aggro – 1c Son Goten, Trunks: Youth, Son Goten, Trunks: Future

We use these cards to rush down our opponents' life, 1c Son Goten lets us have a cheap threat that we can just smash our opponent, we can also use Pilaf to replay it if they remove it, 2C Goten does the same but you can use it to bounce opponents 2c that they played to help control the board meaning if they want to keep contesting they have to invest more energy into it, Trunks works as a 2c 25k swing meaning vs any 15k leader this is usually free damage, but also means that vs bodies our opponent plays it will mean death.

Mid game – Son Gohan: Adolescence, Piccolo, Trunks : Future, Gotenks, 4c Vegeta

All these cards have a utility that comes up for their specific scenario and one of the skills will be learning which one is needed at the correct time, Gohan: A thrives when we have control of the game and we want to keep pushing the tempo and making our opponent fear for their life, Piccolo is great if on a previous turn, we used galick to defend/attack and we just want to redraw it ready for the late game, trunks is their to stunt our opponents' tempo, mainly used vs green to bounce 5c Son Goku and ruin their entire flow, Gotenks is our defensive play where we play a body to attack remove a card from our opponent's hand and then we get 2 back via the ability this means this card, in theory has went +3 (-1 OPP +2 us), Finally Vegeta is our aggressive play, we get to attack twice removing 2 cards from our opponents’ hand and bonus points if we bottom a 1c, it means he removed 3 cards.

Late Game – 5C Vegeta, 6c Goku Black

Vegeta is our most consistent finisher, we have so many big number attacks that we can easily put our opponent to 2 life and then his double attack just comes in to finish them off, his on play of bottom 4 or less means that opponents cant play blockers or leave 10k combo on the board as he removes these.

Goku Black is how we grind vs the control decks, this card comes in for huge numbers but also lets us mana cheat an additional 4 or less, remember goku black can add any 4 or less from the drop, sometimes grabbing a galick gun or pilaf when you already have a play for his attacking skill for next turn could be the difference between winning and losing. This card is also why we run a mix of Gotens/Vegeta, because it allows our Goku black to grab either of those and play them when the time requires, also just using it to play trunks: future means you can play a threat and bounce one of their threats, just remember to be flexible.

Value Engine/The glue for our deck – Pilaf

This card is the MVP of the deck, it plays a role in all the gameplans and using this correctly is what will make you into a true Vegeta player.  The basic pilaf combo is to play pilaf grab a pilaf in drop and then combo the pilaf on the field, play the pilaf in hand to get the one we just combod etc. Late game you can just go Pilaf -> Pilaf ->Pilaf ->Pilaf ->Son Goten for 50k combo for 4 energy.

For example in our aggro plan, we use it to spam out our 1c Son Gotens that have died, in the midgame we can use it to combo via board from itself or Trunks: Youth if we are trying to dig deeper into our deck, and late game this card by itself reads pay 1 for 20k combo because you go Pilaf ->Son goten/Pilaf.


What to do vs red?

Understanding red is knowing what their hand and deck look like, a lot of red decks have ways to minus power, the most common one being -5k, this means we shouldn't be letting the counter sit on the board as it will be removed for free and we will leak value, so when we play cards like trunks/pilaf/zamasu ideally using them for their effect and cashing in value ASAP will yield more than letting them sit and just get removed for free, but you can walk a fine line where you allow them to stay sometimes because you know the opponent can't remove them without stunting their plays or incentivising them into it so they ruin their tempo.

Red is a colour that runs a lot of 0K,5k combo cards, so they are quite brittle on the defence, so when you're poking, making numbers that need 10k/20k combo is a good way to fish for information regarding their hand and working out lethal spots.

We are mainly just looking to out-grind Red, we do not want to self-awaken as Red is in a rush to kill us as they're the aggro deck, we just need to make sure we remove their board, poke away at their hand, and gain value with our numbers being more efficient and our draw engines being strong.

Don't be scared of taking crits from Beerus, since they're a "slower" red deck you could play a more early-game rush strategy to force the awakening to make them no longer crit you but also when you get crit its okay as it makes staying around 7 hand size easier so just accept it if the game state is in your favour, also realise vs Beerus your board will probably never usually stick has it has the most removal options from all the red decks.

Final tip if the opponent has left energy open, try not to leave a 5K counter on the board as it will die to Kamehameha and if possible go for the final lethal on leader as it also reduces the value of Kamehameha to only combo for 15K. 

What to do vs Ginyu?

Tbh the gameplan for Red fits this exactly,  just control the board, understand their deck is brittle, they have very few combo cards that are 10K+, and just be careful of extra card bonds of the Ginyu force that can create very large numbers in 1 card. 

Extra tip if you can use Zamasu or Son goten early, you can stunt their racoome+ginyu tempo play as you remove the early game frieza army that allows the ginyu to reach the condition of 3+ untap 2.

(disclaimer this gets used in most yellow decks so it's just useful following this)

What to do vs Cooler?

these are Yellows aggro we follow a similar gameplan as listed above, just contest board grind out hands and then get us in a position where we kill them, but they have different weaknesses, this deck has better defence and its boss cards are scarier, while they don't remove cards like Red does, they do rest, so similar to Kamehameha using try to not leave combo on the board that could be death balled.

Be ready for their big plays, these are 4c Cooler/Frieza, remember these cards will be able to attack twice with the leaders' ability, this also means the Cooler can KO 2x 2 or less cost cards, which means your early game board will be easily handled so try not to get baited into defending the cards that will die for free. 

What to do vs Frieza?

Frieza is the first control deck we will be talking about, this is a deck that farms value and also has access to great draw engines and this leader gets to make cards naturally stronger, its ability to re-stand at the end of the turn means all its threats get to poke without being able to be challenged back forcing removal tools to be used on them so they naturally create a larger board state than other decks. This deck wants to stunt your game plan while building hand size, interacting with your board and slowly getting into a position where it kills you with its finishers.

What we do vs this deck is we want to be the aggressor, we want to control the tempo, we want to not allow the frieza player to feel safe, we want to be attacking them so that they dont feel comfortable playing slow and removing any of their value engines and bouncing their board so they have to keep investing energy to contest us, bottom decking the 1c ginyu is important as we can to be whittling away at their hand, then cards like pilaf and galik gun help us counter the trying to poke at our hands, and we can use cards like Trunks: Future to bounce 4c cooler and 5c frieza to slow them down and 5c vegeta bottomdecks anything in their deck except 5c Frieza which is getting handled by trunks and late game goku black threatens them while also using trunks to remove their threats if needed, so we go aggro to not give them a chance to build advantage and then use our late game more effectively them then and just out valuing them because our cards perform better then theirs, and during this they’re trying to defend 35k leader swings. 

What to do vs Son Gohan/Broly?

So the Basic plan follows the same as Frieza, we want to be aggressive, we want to control the tempo, and we want the opponent to fear for their life because they’re trying to set up on us and during that, they will be slow so we have to take advantage of this and push a big lead. 

However for the mid-game, there are 2 different strategies you can follow, both are successful it mainly depends on hand state and understanding the flow of the game, choosing the correct one matters when both players are playing optimal but when you’re learning the deck you could choose one until you're comfortable and then try the other to get maximum understanding. 

Strategy one – ALL IN

You’ve come to understand you can not win a slower match vs. green with your hand, they have drawn everything and you are unable to interrupt them so you must kill them, this means you should self-awakening to 4 ASAP and awaken and start attacking with 35k leader as much as you can, force them into a state where they might die and try to finish with 5C Vegeta Double strike. But since you have awoken to 4 understand you might be on death's door and if you don't win soon defeat is on the way.

Strategy two – Grinding

You feel like you have the tools to win a slower game, these are usually Goku black+trunks: future is in hand, you’ve also been able to perform a good aggro game where you got them to 4 life quickly or they didn't ramp on curve and will be hitting 8c Broly late. The emphasis is on having 3c Trunks: Future/Green missing ramp timing. The reason trunks are is important because you need to make sure to always bounce the 5c Son Goku back to the green player's hand, this negates the leader ability of both the leaders and slows down the value plan of green and allows you to start poking them for real dmg because if they use these abilities without the goku it stunts the turn of them playing 8c broly which makes winning 10x easier.

During this gameplan we also do not self awaken, we like having the life to buffer their big threats, it means we are in chance of dying in a single turn and we just keep attacking and grinding away at the green player's hand, usually always attacking the leader is key, but sometimes attacking board is correct, this is just down to you know when it is because it's a dynamic situation, an easy way is if the board is easier to kill then attacking the leader, e.g broly is awakened and they have 20ks on board, kill those first as if they defend its negates the bonus of their leader being 25k base. For example vs broly in the mid-game when I force awaken, I just attack with 15k leader +10k (can do this for free via chaining pilafs) but trading card for card with green is big because we draw way more than them.

What to do vs Android 17?

The deck runs similar to ours if they try to race and hit us with big numbers just counter them like you would an aggro deck, if they try to then pivot to a slower gameplan if they ramp via field spell you can just pressure them in the mid-game ready to finish them off with a Vegeta and if that slows the game down enough, you can start farming value with Goku black. Just use the previous game plans to be flexible.

What to do vs Goku Black?

Just use Zamasu, Son Goten to constantly interact with their Zamasus so they cant use the leader's ability to play a 6c Goku black for 4 energy, make them pay 1+4, doing this will slow them enough that your leader will just provide better value than theirs,

What to do vs Trunks: Future?

Just be the aggressor, they don't have any real removal, they just bounce everything back to hand, you can use Zamasu and Son Goten to remove mai/pilaf and you will heavily stunt their value engines and since they bounce your threats back just happy to replay them and force them to keep giving up cards, especially if we keep removing their value engines they will just lose hand and our deck performs better with less cards.

What to do in the mirror?

Not much advice to give here, you just have to be versatile, since you play the deck you will understand its limits and ranges this is where some card rng and skill gaps will be needed.


That should cover most of the basics, if you have any more questions just add me on Discord, my tag is Kashy I'm always happy to talk about TCGs, deckbuilding, theory etc, also open to providing coaching if that's a service you desire.

Anyway, I hope you learned something here today and have a nice day.

PX3 KayC: First Victory in DBFW with Green Gohan: Childhood

Greetings fellow gamers! I'm KayC from Team PX3 in Australia, and I've journeyed through the competitive realms of Magic the Gathering and the One Piece card game. Now, I'm here to share my insights on Dragon Ball Fusion World (DBFW), the latest TCG sensation that's captured my attention.

At first, I hesitated to dive into DBFW, fearing that it would be quite a complex game to pick up in comparison to the current Masters Version. However, after immersing myself in YouTube videos and streams, I discovered that DBFW's gameplay shares striking similarities with One Piece, with some differences like varied starting life totals and a unique combat phase.

Deck Choice: Green Gohan Childhood

As a player who thrives on reactive gameplay, I've always favored the Control archetype, occasionally dabbling in Ramp strategies across different card games. Imagine my delight when I realised that the Green archetype in DBFW perfectly blends both playstyles into one seamless experience.

After evaluating the various Green leaders, I found my match in Green Gohan. This dynamic leader not only embodies the essence of Control and Ramp but also offers a strategic advantage with its ability to draw cards when attacking on both sides. The deck's inherent capability to draw cards when attacking from both sides guarantees me a consistent hand size throughout the game, a crucial aspect in matches where victory hinges on outvaluing opponents and making precise microdecisions.

Deck List (Credit to @Kazuma_ygo1018)

Tournament Report

Disclaimer: With limited familiarity regarding the game mechanics and card interactions, particularly with regards to other colours, this event served primarily as a learning experience for me. The following reflections encompass my pre and post-tournament insights for each round, accompanied by personal advice (though feel free to offer differing perspectives!).

Round 1: Beerus

I kept a standard hand with Destructive Strength (3c Ramp extra) with some 5cost or more big drops. I wasn’t too concerned of Beerus flip side ability as most of my higher cost characters have power of 40,000 or more which meant that they had to invest in a few resources to clear one character which I am fine with. I played a 7-cost Son Gohan board wipe followed by 8-cost Broly and my opponent had difficulty keeping up while I pressured their life totals and hand size. 


Key Card: Destructive Strength

Round 2: Broly

I lost the die roll (and every die roll that night) and my opponent opted to go 2nd. My opening hand had 2 8-cost Brolys and 1 Destructive Strength and I snapped keep faster than the speed of light. We both did “Green deck” things in the early game and I managed to play down my 8-cost Broly first which he responded with his own and I responded again with my 2nd copy and by then put them in a spot where they were on 1 life and even if they had 2nd Broly I would be in position to go for an all-combo on my leader next turn for the win.


Key Card: Destructive Strength & 8-Cost Broly

Round 3: Frieza

Opponent played out some 20,000 power blockers & characters for early chip to my life total. 

Android 17/18 was the MVP card for me in this matchup as it allowed me to clear most of his board and why on earth does this card have double strike? I don’t know but it gave me the opportunity to claw back to the game and I followed up with the 7c Son Gohan board wipe to clear his boss monsters off the field and went for game the next turn.


Key Card: Android 17/18

Round 4: Cooler

Standard opener with ramp and some big drops, though had some difficulties with their boss monsters here as my Cooler opponent was able to double attack with their 40,000 power Frieza character using Cooler’s flip side ability which presented a lot of pressure on me during the mid-game.

Big Bang Attack (which was mainly for the Green mirror matchup) helped me tremendously to ease off some of the pressure especially combined with 5-cost Son Goku meant that I could get my energy back as part of Big Bang Attack’s cost.

Opponent combo-ed out for game and thankfully had an extra 5,000 combo power to get myself out of lethal. Definitely the most nail-biting game of the night!


Key Cards: 5-Cost Son Goku + Big Bang Attack 

FINALS: Android 17/18

Another Green leader, Another Die Roll lost, Another Decent Opener.

We did the usual green early-mid game but I quickly learnt how good the field stage ramp card is as it meant that my opponent did not need to use cards from hand to charge energy each turn and could just use his android cards in drop area for this ramp effect. Their hand size was between 12-15 the entire game which had me worried as I only had half the hand size compared to theirs at any given time.

The final turn was dictated by opponent trying to go for lethal combo with his big stack of hands but I was ultimately saved by a 2 copies of Instant Kamehameha in my hand (I had 3 cards left at this point for their last attack and the other was a dead card) and when their final attack did not go through, my opponent extended the fist bump. 


Key Cards: Destructive Strength & 8-cost Broly

Recap & Thoughts

I am definitely enjoying the DBFW gameplay thus far and was notified by some friends and locals that I was lucky to have dodged my biggest nightmare matchup in the form of Ginyu.

I am looking to test this matchup more myself or possibly trying out Ginyu during the next locals!

Green Gohan is definitely a good choice if you have a Celebrations Constructed Event or to your local tournaments against the wide field but good decision making and play patterns would definitely help elevate the deck to its next level.

The fundamental gameplay mechanics and mulligan strategy for Green Gohan are straightforward, albeit with potential for a more in-depth discussion on card selection and mulligan tactics. Feel free to reach out through DMs if you're interested in further content exploration—I'm open to expanding on these topics in future articles!

Special thanks to my PX3 teammates as well as sponsors Beyond Odessey and Eternal Magic for providing me with DBFW singles on Day 1! 

PX3 kayC