[Discuss] About Rise of The Floodborn Enchanted Cards

It has been more than a month since Disney Lorcana TCG card game set 2 The Rise of The Floodborn was distributed, now we know all the enchanted cards of this set and the market price within this time (check in TCGPlayer).

Let check out what enchanted cards we have for this set:

Snow White - Well Wisher
Cinderella - Ballroom Sensation
Beast - Relentledd
Pete - Bad Guy
Shere Khan - Menacing Predator
Lady Tremaine-Imperious Queen
Sisu-Divine Water Dragon
Alice-Growing Girl
Hercules - Divine Hero
Madam Mim-Purple Dragon

Compared to the Set 1 The First Chapter, the prize for the most expensive card in this set: Cinderella is only around $170, more lower than the most expensive card in set 1 Elsa (around $350 (Date Dec 26th 2023)). Cinderella's price was around $500 during the month of The First Chapter released.

The price for Lorcana's Enchanted cards are slowly becoming more affordable also thanks to the reprint from the Ravensburger. The famous/beloved character enchanted card's prices are fluctuating below or more than $100. The villain or other characters like Pete or Madam Mim price is around $60 plus.

Date: 23th Dec 2023

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