PX3 KayC: First Victory in DBFW with Green Gohan: Childhood

Greetings fellow gamers! I'm KayC from Team PX3 in Australia, and I've journeyed through the competitive realms of Magic the Gathering and the One Piece card game. Now, I'm here to share my insights on Dragon Ball Fusion World (DBFW), the latest TCG sensation that's captured my attention.

At first, I hesitated to dive into DBFW, fearing that it would be quite a complex game to pick up in comparison to the current Masters Version. However, after immersing myself in YouTube videos and streams, I discovered that DBFW's gameplay shares striking similarities with One Piece, with some differences like varied starting life totals and a unique combat phase.

Deck Choice: Green Gohan Childhood

As a player who thrives on reactive gameplay, I've always favored the Control archetype, occasionally dabbling in Ramp strategies across different card games. Imagine my delight when I realised that the Green archetype in DBFW perfectly blends both playstyles into one seamless experience.

After evaluating the various Green leaders, I found my match in Green Gohan. This dynamic leader not only embodies the essence of Control and Ramp but also offers a strategic advantage with its ability to draw cards when attacking on both sides. The deck's inherent capability to draw cards when attacking from both sides guarantees me a consistent hand size throughout the game, a crucial aspect in matches where victory hinges on outvaluing opponents and making precise microdecisions.

Deck List (Credit to @Kazuma_ygo1018)

Tournament Report

Disclaimer: With limited familiarity regarding the game mechanics and card interactions, particularly with regards to other colours, this event served primarily as a learning experience for me. The following reflections encompass my pre and post-tournament insights for each round, accompanied by personal advice (though feel free to offer differing perspectives!).

Round 1: Beerus

I kept a standard hand with Destructive Strength (3c Ramp extra) with some 5cost or more big drops. I wasn’t too concerned of Beerus flip side ability as most of my higher cost characters have power of 40,000 or more which meant that they had to invest in a few resources to clear one character which I am fine with. I played a 7-cost Son Gohan board wipe followed by 8-cost Broly and my opponent had difficulty keeping up while I pressured their life totals and hand size. 


Key Card: Destructive Strength

Round 2: Broly

I lost the die roll (and every die roll that night) and my opponent opted to go 2nd. My opening hand had 2 8-cost Brolys and 1 Destructive Strength and I snapped keep faster than the speed of light. We both did “Green deck” things in the early game and I managed to play down my 8-cost Broly first which he responded with his own and I responded again with my 2nd copy and by then put them in a spot where they were on 1 life and even if they had 2nd Broly I would be in position to go for an all-combo on my leader next turn for the win.


Key Card: Destructive Strength & 8-Cost Broly

Round 3: Frieza

Opponent played out some 20,000 power blockers & characters for early chip to my life total. 

Android 17/18 was the MVP card for me in this matchup as it allowed me to clear most of his board and why on earth does this card have double strike? I don’t know but it gave me the opportunity to claw back to the game and I followed up with the 7c Son Gohan board wipe to clear his boss monsters off the field and went for game the next turn.


Key Card: Android 17/18

Round 4: Cooler

Standard opener with ramp and some big drops, though had some difficulties with their boss monsters here as my Cooler opponent was able to double attack with their 40,000 power Frieza character using Cooler’s flip side ability which presented a lot of pressure on me during the mid-game.

Big Bang Attack (which was mainly for the Green mirror matchup) helped me tremendously to ease off some of the pressure especially combined with 5-cost Son Goku meant that I could get my energy back as part of Big Bang Attack’s cost.

Opponent combo-ed out for game and thankfully had an extra 5,000 combo power to get myself out of lethal. Definitely the most nail-biting game of the night!


Key Cards: 5-Cost Son Goku + Big Bang Attack 

FINALS: Android 17/18

Another Green leader, Another Die Roll lost, Another Decent Opener.

We did the usual green early-mid game but I quickly learnt how good the field stage ramp card is as it meant that my opponent did not need to use cards from hand to charge energy each turn and could just use his android cards in drop area for this ramp effect. Their hand size was between 12-15 the entire game which had me worried as I only had half the hand size compared to theirs at any given time.

The final turn was dictated by opponent trying to go for lethal combo with his big stack of hands but I was ultimately saved by a 2 copies of Instant Kamehameha in my hand (I had 3 cards left at this point for their last attack and the other was a dead card) and when their final attack did not go through, my opponent extended the fist bump. 


Key Cards: Destructive Strength & 8-cost Broly

Recap & Thoughts

I am definitely enjoying the DBFW gameplay thus far and was notified by some friends and locals that I was lucky to have dodged my biggest nightmare matchup in the form of Ginyu.

I am looking to test this matchup more myself or possibly trying out Ginyu during the next locals!

Green Gohan is definitely a good choice if you have a Celebrations Constructed Event or to your local tournaments against the wide field but good decision making and play patterns would definitely help elevate the deck to its next level.

The fundamental gameplay mechanics and mulligan strategy for Green Gohan are straightforward, albeit with potential for a more in-depth discussion on card selection and mulligan tactics. Feel free to reach out through DMs if you're interested in further content exploration—I'm open to expanding on these topics in future articles!

Special thanks to my PX3 teammates as well as sponsors Beyond Odessey and Eternal Magic for providing me with DBFW singles on Day 1! 

PX3 kayC

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