Leaks: DBFW Booster Set FB-02 Blazing Aura (May 2024)

Link to the Booster Set 2 English Card List.

Blazing Aura Alternative arts:

Red Extra Card

[Activate Battle] Choose your leader or up to 1 of your battle cards and get +25000 power during this battle. Then, if you have a battle card with power of 30000 or more, add up to 1 battle card with a cost of 4 or less from your drop to your hand.

Cell leader for green

Trunks: Future

Saiyan, Earthling

[On Play] If you have 5 or more energy, put the top card of your deck in your energy rested

[Auto][1/turn] When your battle card with cost 5 or more leaves battle area due to opp, this card gets +10k power until end of your next turn.



(Activate During Battle) rest this card: add up to 1 life to your hand. Then, trigger 1 of the following.

– rest 1 of your opp cost 4 or lower battle card
– ⁠if you have a rested cost 3 or higher battle card, draw 1 card.


[Perm] This card cannot be removed by skills

[When Attacking] Discard 1 card from your hand: Draw 1 card


saiyan, universe 6, potara, tournament of power

[Permanent] when your leader is awakened, this card gets +5000 power

[On play] draw 1 card. Then, play up to 1 3-cost battle card from your hand with “tournament of power” in trait.


[When attacking] Draw 1 card

[Active Main][Once Per Turn] If you have 5 Energy, place 1 card with 3cost or more from Drop Area to Enery Area

FB02-126 Piccolo


Yellow Battle


When KO.ed: Choose up to 1 of your Battle Card, make it active.

[FB02-118] Son Goku

Yellow Battle

(Permanent)(your turn) if your opponent has 3 or more rested battle cards, this card gets +5000 power

Yellow Leader

[FB02-105] Vegeta Front
When attacking: Draw a card
Awaken: if your life is 4 or lower, draw a card then flip it over

Vegeta leader (back)
When attacking: Draw a card
At the end of your turn: up to 2 of your rested energy card be active

Rozie is a new "tournament of power" card with +10000 power.

Tien and Android 18 are introduced in FB-02 with new effect [Tournament of Power]

Son Goku Red color Leader with new effect.


Son Goku FB02-001
Saiyan | Universe 7 | Tournament of Power
[When Attacking] Draw 1 card.
[Awaken] When you have 3 or less life, draw 1 card, then flip this card over.


[When Attacking] Draw 1 card.
[Activate Main][1/turn] (1) trash 1 card from hand: play up to 1 battle card with [tournament of power] in trait and 20000 power or lower from your hand.

FB-02 Pack Design

Bandai has informed about the release date for Dragon Ball Card Game Fusion World FB-02. 

For Japan and Asia (Japanese text card), release date: May 2024

For other regions using English text card, release date is May 17 2024.

Expecting Japan and English release on the same day.

Set Description (Source is here):

  •  New characters will join the game one after another! Popular characters are included as SECRET RARE cards!

Along with carrying over the Era from the first set, a new Era will be added in the series! With the introduction of many new characters, the battles in the Dragon Ball Super Card Game will become even more heated! Characters that are popular among fans will be included as Secret Rare cards!

  • Alternative-Art cards added for 4 Leaders, 12 Super Rares, and 2 Secret Rares! 

Not only will 4 Leader cards, and 12 Super Rare cards get ALT-ART version, but the 2 Secret Rare cards will too! The powerful card also features a gorgeous illustration and a new appeal, making it the one card that everyone wants!

  • Alternative-Art cards with a new touch are also included!

New special illustration cards that are a must-have for collectors!

This time we included an ALT-ART card featuring a special touch unlike what appeared in the first series!

  • Includes a promotion code that allows you to get a reward in the digital version!

A promotion code for the digital version of the product is also included in the package!

FB-02 Rarity Distribution

140 types in total

  • Leaders x8
  • Commons x52
  • Uncommons x36
  • Rares x30
  • Super Rares x12
  • Secret Rares x2

There are 23 Alternative-art cards in this product.


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