Leaks: DBFW Booster Set FB-03 (16 Aug 2024)

Dragon Ball Card Game Fusion World FB-03. 

Release Date: 16 August 2024

Set Description (Source is here):

  • New black color and lots of new characters!

The new black deck adds new mechanisms that further expand the strategy of the deck!

Numerous new characters previously not included in the series have joined the game!

  • Highly used generic cards with luxurious specifications!

Of the 143 cards in total, 22 are parallel cards with different illustrations!

In addition, three of them are special reprinted cards with new thematic illustrations of highly used generic cards from the cards up to Booster 2!

  • Promotion code for the digital version! A promotion code for the digital version of the product is also included in the package!

FB-03 Rarity Distribution

• Leaders × 5

• Common × 52

• Uncommon × 39

• Rare × 30

• Super Rare × 12

• Secret Rare × 2

• Alt-Art Reprint × 3

Total: 143 cards

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