DragonBall Fusion World: How to Play

Deck Construction and Card Type: 

There are 3 type of cards in this game: Leader Cards, Battle Cards and Extra Cards

Battle Card
Extra Card

A deck includes 1 leader card, around 50 to 60 Battle cards and Extra Card.

There are currently 4 different colors that are Red, Blue, Green and Purple. Black will be introduced in Booster set 3 and later we may have yellow color as well. 

When building a deck, the cards with the same color as the leader are allowed. (So far we don't know if they will create duo or triple color leader, maybe in the future). The leader card is the central card of the deck, it is used for the battle through out the game. A leader card has 2 faces, front and back. At the beginning the front face is used, we flip over when the condition for "Awakening" is met.


Battle Cards are mainly used for attacking and skill activating. The Dragonball Fusion World introduces the mechanic called combo that you can increase the leader power by using the battle cards from battle area (in activate mode) or from hands. When the cards from battle area are used for combo, it must be moved into combo area which is below from battle area.

The power shows at the left side of battle cards are added into the leader power when the combo is triggered. After the battle is finished, place the cards from combo area to your Drop Area (Trash)

Extra Cards are single use cards that can activate powerful skill. This card can be used to support your leader card or battle cards.


You can re-draw your hand once if you don't like your first draw. 

To re-draw your hand you can put 6cards from your first draw back to your deck, shuffle your deck again and draw 6 cards.

Preparing for the match

After draw 6 cards for your hand or mulligan if needed, you place top-8 cards from your deck to your life area face down.

To Win the match:

– Your opponent's life is reduced to zero cards.

– Your opponent's deck is reduced to Zero Cards

Turn Procedure

  1. Charge Phase: 

(1) Switch all cards on your field to active mode

(2) Draw 1 card from your deck (if you start 1st in the first turn, you can't draw)

(3) You may place a card from your hand in your Energy area. (you can choose not to perform this step)

2. Main Phase

The following step can be performed in any order:

  • Use or play a battle card from your hand
  • Use an extra card from your hand and activate its effect/skill
  • Activate an [Active:Main]/[Awaken] skill
  • Attack an opponent's card (starting with the 2nd player first turn) (seems that "goes 2nd" player get more advantage)

3. End Phase.

When playing a battle card, you must rest the respected number of card in Energy Area to pay for the cost.

To declare attack, same with other card games, you can only attack opponent's leader or rested battle cards.

You can deal 1 damage when attacking if  your leader's power is greater than or equal to the opponent leader's power. If the opponent takes damage, they will add 1 top card in their life area to hand (same with One Piece TCG).

For the combo, both players can do the combo during attacking and defending to increase their leader power. 

Combo is something like decision making when you want to use cards from hand to protect your leader. The more you use, the hand size is also reduced.

At the start of the game the player who goes 2nd places 1 Energy Marker in the Energy Area. Removing 1 Energy Marker from the game is equivalent to switching 1 card from your energy to Rest Mode. So this marker is consider as a marker that can cover 1 cost.

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