Dragonball FW FS05 Starter Deck: Black Color – Bardock

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Starter Deck: FS-05 Bardock Black

[FS05-02] Great Ape Bardock

[FS05-13] Frieza

[When Attacking] Select 1 opponent's battle card with cost 3 or less {Saiyan} type and KO it. After that if you have an energy marker, select up to 1 opponent's field and send it to the drop.

[FS05-10] Bardock

Saiyan / Bardock Crew

[Auto][Once Per Turn] When you use combo during this cards attack, you can play 1 Battle card with a cost of 2 or less with {Bardock's Crew} type from your hand.

[FS05-15] Resistance to Fate

Saiyan/ Bardock Crew

[Active Battle] Give your leader to up to 1 of your battle card +15k power for the battle. Then if you have a card in combo area, draw a card.

The new starter Deck FS05 is to introduce the black color for the Dragonball Fusion World Cardgame. As the other starter deck, this set will include 1 new leader, and it is Bardock.

[FS05-01]Bardock (Front)

[When Attacking] Draw a card.
[Awaken] When your life is at 4 or less, draw a card. Then, flip this card over.


[When Attacking] Daw a card. Then, this card gains +5000 power during this battle.
[Activate Battle] [Your Turn] Once Per Turn] Look at the top card of your deck, You can "combo" with it if it is a {Bardock} Crew, else put it to top or bottom of your deck.

[FS05-11] Bardock

<Double Strike>

[Activate Battle] [Your Turn][Once Per Turn] If you have 2 or more cards in combo area, select 1 opponent's battle card and KO it.

[FS05-05] Son Gohan

<Super Combo>

[Auto][Opponent's turn] If you "combo" with this card from your hand, this card combo power +10000.

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