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Hello everyone! I‘m Jamminzz from germany and a competitive tcg player for team royalblue.

Played lots of card games in my life, got hooked on Fusion World and had a top cut finish at the regionals in cologne.

In my recent local tournament I brought my Goku Black deck, it won 4-0, matchups with U7, Android 17, and 2x blue Vegeta. So I want to share something about it.

Why Goku Black?

With the recently announced banned list for fusion world, it was pretty clear that green will be the most popular color represented in future tournaments. I also did not wanted to play green as I was unsure where to put yellow in the meta and them having the super rare 3cost Vegeta.

We needed a deck that consistently applies pressure on our opponent while he‘s ramping up his energy. Now enter Goku Black. Reducing costs and cheating out powerful battle cards for free seems like a pretty good answer to punish slow build ups of the anticipated meta decks.

A lot of people are trying to fit in the Gotenks engine. While the Gotenks engine is pretty great when pulled off, the possibility of bricking hard very often is very high due to being reliant on way to many different combo pieces.

It also makes the requirements of being at 7 cards or less very hard and your turns awkward. I went for most consistency with less dead draws, less bricks and therefore being able to start my Goku Black spam gameplay as fast as possible.

The Game Plan

The game plan itself is pretty simple explained: You usually want to start second. You mulligan hard for Mai.

A solid start for you would look like this going second:

Turn 1 leader attack, play Mai to self awaken for 2.

Turn 2 leader attack, play a 1cost Zamas + another one drop (Preferably a searcher to look for more pieces like the 6coat Goku Black or maybe another Zamasu if you’re afraid of your opponent being able to clear one Zamasu)

Turn 3 awaken, leader effect into 6c Goku Black and start swinging and pressuring down your opponent.

It really pretty much is that simple in terms of gameplay. The hard decisions with this deck is what to charge and to keep being at max 7 cards in hand, so your important effects would be live. Most of the time you just stop at 5 energy as you‘re able to squeeze in the most important plays with your leader ability.

To keep your hand size at 7 its okay to use your cards in hand often for aggressive combos on your turns for magical numbers like 30k,40k and so on. Also you might want to do your leader attack last because of the draw effect to be at 8 or 9 cards in hand during your opponents turn.

It's also important to not dump your hand into decks like blue, as they will just Zen-Oh you to wipe your board as soon as they are on 6 energy. Keep applying pressure with lots of swings before 6, while playing your searchers to prepare for board wipes to refill your board once they played Zen-Oh.

Final Thoughts

I hope this small guide helps you to get some wins at the upcoming Ultimate Battles. Big shoutout to DasPascal for his incredible deckbuilding as he was the one who inspired me to play Goku Black in the first place and providing me his list.

If you have more questions about the deck or Fusion World in general just find me on twitter or catch me on my twitch streams.

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