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Greetings DBFW players, Kelvin here from Brunei. Started DBFW 2 months ago and has been playing Blue color decks ever since. I’ve played almost all variants of blue decks available and so far, Zamasu Control is my favorite amongst all due to its ability to control the board and having a 25k power after awaken. 

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Key Cards

Cost 3 Vegeto: Very good card that allows you to bottom deck one cost 1 or lower card on play. Aside from that, it reduces the cost of all your opponent’s battle cards when it’s on the field. With this ability, it technically allows you to bottom deck a cost 2 or lower card. On a side note, 25k power is quite high for a cost 3 battle card.

Sinister Sickle: A cost 3 extra card that allows you to bottom deck up to 2 cost 4 or lower battle card. This card is very useful on matchup (i.e. Red Topku) where your opponent spam their board with battle cards.

Cost 4 Zamasu Fused: A 25k body with ability that allows you to draw a card on attacking when you cards in hand is 7 or less. Aside from that, an on KO ability that bring itself back as rest. Its drawing ability pretty much covers up the downside of your awaken leader where you can’t draw on attacking. With its on KO ability, your opponent would be forced to invest more resources on removing it from the board.

Cost 6 Zen-Oh: Pretty much a self-explanatory card. On play, whole field go bye-bye ☺

Cost 5 Vegeta: Double strike for a game finisher play. On play ability that allows you to bottom deck a cost 4 or lower battle card. With a cost 3 Vegeto on play, you get to bottom deck a cost 5 or lower instead due to Vegeto minus 1 cost ability ☺

Cost 5 Vegeto: On play bounce cost 5 or lower to hand. (Wish it was bottom decking☹) Activation ability, active this battle card when you have 7 or less cards in hand allowing you to make a second attack (Mini Broly☺)

Cost 1 Galick Gun: A +15k power extra card with additional draw 1 effect. Very good for early game guarding and late game finishing combo card.

Swiss Matchups & Strategy

Round 1: Bye

Round 2: Blue Vegeta – O

Blue Vegeta relies on 7 or less card in hand to unlock their abilities (i.e. leader 35k power). Their new support FB02 cost 4 Vegeta also pumps the leader power and itself by 5k (That means a 40k power leader without combo! That is quite painful tbh).Therefore, it is best to control the pace of damage taken during early game. During first 2 turns, we could play cost 1 trunks & pilaf combo for draw and defense. Extra card “Sinister Sickle” is also important in this matchup as it helps remove cost 4 lower cards like the new FB02 cost 4 Vegeta. Also, save up a Zen-oh so that you could remove their cost 6 Goku Black whenever needed. 

Round 3: Blue Vegeta – O

Same as above^

Round 4: Red U7 Goku – O

Against U7 Goku, the strategy is to guard early attacks from them. Remove their cost 1 master Roshi (damage taker) / cost 1 Whis (-5k every turn which can disrupt your field setup) whenever possible using cost 1 Zamasu or cost 3 Vegeto (on turn 2 / 3). Extra card “Sinister Sickle” is also very important in this matchup as it helps removing their cost 4 android 17 (card that can buff their leader up by 5k power which is so good), cost 3 Gohan (on attack -15k to a battle card) and Kefla. During late game, cost 6 Zen-oh will come in handy as it removes any field setup made by the opponent.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Zamasu Control is a very good deck where you get to have a 25k base power awakened leader and bottom decking cards abilities to help you clear board. Not to forget its awakened leader ability which allows you to recover 1 life at the cost of 1 energy and 1 hand card. Overall, this deck is quite fun to pilot and I believe it has the potential to be a contender in the FB02 meta.

On a side note, there’s no need to rush for awakening when playing Zamasu Control as this deck excels in slow pace game. Guard early whenever possible to control the pace of damage taking. Try to burn opponent’s resources (hand) by attacking on to their important battle cards when possible (to force guard) as this would help with the late game finisher moment.

Lastly, I would like to thank my friends Shyam, Bebeb, Bawi, Moqri, Josh, Hadi, KC, Hazwan, Roxas for helping me play testing the deck.

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