Japan: DragonBall Fusion Championship Wave 1

Dragonball Fusion World is going to have the first Championship after the card game was launched this year. (As of this article is written, there is no information about this event for Asia (outside Japan) region).

If you are staying in Japan, you can find the venue and date of all the tournaments in official website.


What is the prize for this Wave 1:

The prize is giving out differently for different regions, I guess Bandai estimated the number of participants to make decision for it.

FB01-015 Son Goku 1 parallel card for: Top 16 in Tokyo / Top 8 in Osaka, Kyoto, Aichi / Top 4 in Miyagi, Fukuoka

FB02-133 Vegeta *1 parallel card for: Top 32 in Tokyo / Top 16 in Osaka, Kyoto, Aichi / Top 8 in Miyagi, Fukuoka

Participation Souvenir will be Promotion pack vol.2

Product Sell at the event

This is the most important part I think, the merchandise that is selling at the event.

Official card case 01 Son Goku:

・Card case
・Special energy marker (MUST BUY)
・Included parallel card FB02-035 A glimpse of the secret of selfishness (MUST COLLECT)
Price: ¥1,320 (tax included) -> Very cheap

On top of that, they also sell 2 official playmat.

Price: ¥3,850 (tax included)

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