Ricco Kurniawan: I won Ultimate Battle with Blue Vegeta

Ricco Kurniawan is from Indonesia, recently he won the Ultimate Battle (32 players) with his blue Vegeta deck.

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Deck Profile

Key cards:

1. Mai
2. Goten ss child
3. Trunks cost 3 bouncer.
4. Final hope slash


-Mai and bouncers are the main plan on this deck to distract opponent's tempo.

-Draw and bounce opponent's unit.

-Awakening our leader as soon as possible, so you got big body on your leader, and possible to hit 35k atk easily.

-Get the combo Pillaf Pillaf , so your leader can easily hit 100k power for last blow.

-Keep life on 3 as long as possible, at late game you can pick 2 life with Mai, and you got more combos to finish the game.

Game Plan

Like everyone I prefer to go second. So if I go second:

T1: Cast Mai take 2 life or Trunks Youth for draw. Opp turn = take damage.

T2: Cast Goten/ Trunks: Youth take life. Leader Awakened = big body 20k leader early, so cannot easily beaten by critical leader. If you can't awakened this turn, cast Mai and final hope slash, draw 1 from Mai, power to Mai and hit 25k to opponent leader.

T3: Cast Trunks cost 3 is the best option for this turn. Slowing down opponent tempo, they must cast battle unit (again) or no actual treat on board.

T4: If you go second, then you got energy marker, use it and cast Vegeta 5-cost to punish cost-4 or below opponent's battle unit to bottom deck. If you go 1st, the you have only 4 energy, the best option cast Gohan beater 35k and Trunks for drawing or hold 1 energy for cast Gallick Gun to protect Gohan beater.

T5: Cast Vegeta 5c to bottom opponent's unit. Or Cast gotenks to refilll shield on hand and hold 1 energy for cast Gallick Gun

Late game: If opponent's life only 1 left, just threw all your combo. Play pillaf to pillaf to final hope slash (cost 1 earthling) Hit more than 100k power to opponent's leader.

If opponent's life is 2. Share 2 big atk. First blow 20k lower than last blow (just in case their life is super combo).

If I have to go first:

T1: Cast Trunks Youth for drawing.

T2: Life at 7 Cast Mai take 2 life + final hope slash -> power to Trunks Youth. Bounce opponent's unit, and draw. Trunks atk 25k

T3: Life 5 or 4 If Mai still stay on field, play Son Goten to take life (if life still 5, do it) then bounce again and draw.

Awekening leader and then play Trunks Youth or keep active energy for Gallick gun. Guard with 10k Trunks and Goten, next turn if you have Gotenks on your hand, cast it and refill your hand. Keep your life on 3.

T4: Cast Gotenks, or Trunks 3c to bounce opponent's unit. Push opponent's life to 3 or 2. Because next will be lethal, if Vegeta 5c is in your hand.

T5: Cast Vegeta 5c to bottoming opponent's unit, and reduce your opponent's hand with double strike (they must guard it).

T6: Final turn Charge your 0 power combo to energy. If Vegeta 5c still survive, all power push to Vegeta

6 energies:

1 pillaf to pillaf

1 pillaf to final hope slash

1 Mai take 2 life

3 Gallick/final hope slash

About Me

Name : Tan Ricco Kurniawan

Nationality = Indonesia

Team : Tapu Brothers Indonesia

I play tcg since 10 year olds. Battling TCG arround the world proffesionally. I play MTG , VG, OP , DB. Now I only play MTG, OP, and DB big event, just like Flagship, Ultimate Battle, BCF, and Championship Series.

Also have many LGS in Indonesia. Vanguard Clinic Store LGS Channel. VGC Headquarter Surabaya VGC 3Frogs Surabaya VGC Malang VGC Tarakan VGC Bali (on plan) VGC Samarinda (on plan)

My passion is share the spirit of TCG all over the world. You can be a pro player TCG, if you always practice and have a good teammate. So, i open many LGS in Indonesia to share that spirit, and support many players, so they can be a pro player and compete with pro player all around the world.

Also i open many teaching class or pro class in Surabaya to share my knowledge to many players. Helping others to solve their problem about tcg is my priority.

Player from another town / country can contact me and learn by online.

Contact me: FB = Ricco Kurniawan

X = Ricco Kurniawan

Whatsapp = 0821-3255-5672

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